EDITION 2016 Press release August 30, 2016

A one-of-a-kind encounter between nature and art in the amazing setting of the Valais Alps, the Vision Art Festival is a non-profit association aiming to create an open-air museum in the mountains, spread over an incredible surface located between 1.500 and 3.000m above sea level.

It all began with the crazy idea of its founder and Art Director Gregory Pages: Why not ask artists to express themselves on the grey concrete surfaces of cable car stations, parking lots and other naked walls?

With its spectacular circular view, coiled up on a mountainous plateau overlooking the Rhone valley and the Valais Alps, the renowned Swiss resort of Crans-Montana offers an ideal platform to prize the contemporary currents of the Urban and Street art scene showing the work of artists who have taken art into open space.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors and partners the project came to achievement and the first edition which took place from August 22 to 29, 2015 has been a great success.

Visual coverage is done by Ian Cox, Arrested Motions and Warrenbrand.

The second edition of the Vision Art Festival which took place in August, from 20 to 27, just before the mythical Omega European Masters, has just finished and here are the first pictures of the walls. Much more to come


Pixel Pancho is an Italian street artist who specializes in large wall murals and by working constantly with an earthy color scheme to convey a more ancient feeling, Pixel creates robotic creatures inspired by different environments: the beach, the forest, the Sci-Fi universe. The artist

uses a wide variety of mediums such as tiles, wall painting, sticker/poster art and more. He was born in Torino. As a child, he developed a passion for art. His grandfather was a hobby painter and taught him everything he knew about colors, shapes and the sense of art. As a result, he was soon convinced that his future lay in the art world, so he started working on his art by himself and continued that way. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Albertina and finished his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain. While following his studies, and especially during his time in Spain, Pixel Pancho became well known in the world of graffiti and street art. He was inspired by life in the street and by his fellow art students. Pancho began to use the walls of the Spanish city as his canvas and expanded its collection of works. Later Pancho traveled extensively between Valencia and Torino and on his way he painted different streets. While making art he increasingly developed himself. He worked on walls and tiles and created posters and stickers. (taken from “Street Art,Urban Art” Jean Gallard)

TONES ONE (Switzerland)

Born in Geneva, Switzerland and immersed in the graffiti milieu since 2000, TONES grew up as a writer within the EDK & DVS crew, directly inspired by the traditional New York style. Funky technician of the letter & committed disciple of style, his specificity is to make his letters dance through connections, funk and flow while respecting the New York school codes. Another specific feature of his work is to brighten letters up by fusing comic book illustrations, with use of vibrant colours. His first inspiration are his crew’s homeboys – Rey, Hews, Sneke in particular – as well as the legends of the New York graffiti such as Skeme, West, Doze and many more. His style has evolved over time through encounters with representatives of the milieu during several travels abroad and participation in graffiti festivals: within Europe, in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Belgrade, Cadiz, Granada – in North America – New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle – and finally in Asia – Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, Benares, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Macau among others cities. His approach to graffiti has driven him to express himself mainly in the street, following the underground spirit of this art. He however has participated in several gallery exhibitions as well over the last 6 years.



Antonyo Marest was born in Spain in 1987; Having traveled across the globe, he absorbs graphic culture from America to Central Europe. He has done many exhibitions: customization, street art, graffiti, interior, graphic, textile and industrial design.
Among his creative works, there are several exhibitions that take his creative work from inside a museum to the clarity of the streets, sharing his art with the public in the form of painting, sculpture and photography.

Also noteworthy are his furniture and clothing designs, album covers, posters, merchandising, marketing campaigns and street art, he is currently belongs and develops projects with the collective called NOVO111.
Besides being an “all terrain” designer, he is a profound lover of architecture, photography and film. Pure ability to decontextualize an idea to make it bigger. Antonyo Marest. A restless mind. A factory of ideas.

In a serie of new murals the motifs represent his work, geometric pseudo- triangular figures hold the importance, representing a bucket in balance. A symbol of personal growth and positivism that stays afloat against all odds. A reflection about our motivations to stay standing and move forward.

Another key reason is the reference made to Memphis Group, an architectural and industrial design movement of great influence in the 80s. In different works one can see how the “memphis” combination is mixed with impossible prints, exaggerated and uneven colors. Referring to the struggle and communion of styles, movements and trends in art.

Photo © Sam Norvel


Born in Barcelona, Marina is an illustrator and holds a Fine art Degree of the University of Barcelona

followed by a stay in Rotterdam for a Erasmus exchange at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Marina post-graduated in Creative Illustration at Eina School in Barcelona.

She currently works as an independent illustrator and her works are smaller as well as huge murals where she uses variety of mediums, such as ball pen, acrylic or spray which are a must in her work. Inspiration comes from the people’s daily routine and familiar situation in her tiny home town or in the modern city life. Marina loves to exaggerate these familiar situations, adding a very humoristic side to it. In her huge murals she often portraits elderly couples enjoying a leisure life. The work she will do in Crans Montana will be directly related with the winter activities.

She has worked for many big companies in spain and abroad.


“My name comes out from the concept-statement of making art without any budget, starting from raw, salvaged and poor materials, if you wish, it’s a kind of rejection of the consumerist world”.

Teo Pirisi, AKA Moneyless, born 1980, is an Italian-born artist, who has made the country his home. The artist grew up as a member of the 90’s graffiti scene in Tuscany, which he attributes to the development of his artistic identity. Pirisi further developed his signature geometric style through his studies at Multimedia and Communication Design at Carrara Fine Art Academy and ISIA (Higher Institute for ArtisticTrade ) in Florence, respectively. By combining his graffiti and fine art backgrounds, the artist has been able to develop a unique style of geometric art. He was involved in a cultural exchange project with Mark Lyken that involved painting murals for two weeks in their respective hometowns in Scotland and Italy. Also, Moneyless has worked with the Katowice Street Art Festival, Wooster Collective, and Converse.

No matter what surface his work takes, Moneyless is always striving to explore different ways to interpret dimensionality. At first a text-based graffiti writer, Moneyless has adapted to creating

geometric paintings and yarn installations because, as the artist says, “I wanted to undress the letters from the alphabetical presence. My efforts were intended to abandon the symbolic meaning of the letter.” In these installations, Moneyless still strives to engage unused spaces, just as he did while spray painting on walls. Utilizing wire to anchor the yarn he uses to make his sculptural shapes, the artist is able to engage these spaces on a three-dimensional level. The shapes he forms jump out into space and also thrive in environments without walls, such as forests. Within his geometric forms, the artist not only breaks away from the limitations of his graffiti background, but also explores the meaning behind these forms. The philosophies that support the artist’s abstractions can best be defined in his own words.

“The world of pure and simple geometric forms is the course of my endless search, what I carry around as a child, and that nowadays still affects me. I think my route goes towards continuous abduction. I always try to get a certain simplicity and cleanliness, but at the same time, also complexity and fullness. My goal is to always create minimal shapes (at rock-bottom), but with an inner tension, an invisible movement. My figures often hide a variety of views, different perspectives, hidden in a single structure. In fact, simpler forms can be found inside a seemingly minimal form. Far from being mere collections of lines, my works are not abstract representations, they are always inspired by actual items; those I’ve transformed into idealized and unrealistic elements; non-earthly elements. More than abstract, they are alienated, they live in the world of ideas, far more than the physical. They represent ideas, ideas of reality. My work has begun experimenting with geometry – only the two dimensions, using a variety of support, from walls to canvases, from paper to wood. The evolution in those early days was to make gradually thinner the lines of my figure following the solid need of simplification.”


CURIOT (Mexico)

Curiot (Favio Martinez) is a painter and street artist working in Mexico City. He earned his B.F.A from the Universidad Michoacana de S.N. Hidalgo in 2008. His paintings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues including Fecal Face, Anno Domini, Fifty24MX, CC186, Centro Cultural Border, Galeria David Alfaro Siqueiros, Lavamp, La Cream Galeria, and he received an award for his work ‘Mass Media’ in the 7th National Biennial of Painting and Engraving Alfredo

Zalce. Curiot’s work has been featured in numerous online and print publications including Beautiful Decay, Indie Rocks, El Fanzine, and Tongue Mag.
Curiot’s colorful paintings, featuring mythical half-animal half-human figures and scenes, which allude to Mexican traditions (geometric designs, Day of the Dead styles, myths and legends, tribal elements), are rendered in precise detail with a mixture of highly vibrant yet complementary colors. They look like giant fairy tale beasts, inside which small world tell stories of their own, small cities seem to grow or small figures lead a life of their own. Strange creatures populate his compositions. While each creature is definitely alien, Curiot gives them familiar animal-like components. Often, these creatures are seen being worshiped by comparably tiny people. In a way, this pulls Curiot’s work out of science fiction and places it more as a meditation and variations on Mexican Culture. “Growing up in the States sort of gave me a diluted Mexican culture, I had no clue what I was missing out on until I moved back 10 years ago’, says Curiot. ‘The bright colors, folklore, ancient cultures and the beautiful handcrafts are some of the things that I embraced and which influence my work deeply”.



Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic, born 1986 in Lithuania, is a multidiscipline contemporary and public artist based in Penang, Malaysia. Zacharevic creates oil paintings, installations, sculptures and stencil and spray paint to produce culturally relevant compositions both inside gallery space and in the arena of public art and walls. His interest in the outdoor pieces is in the interaction between mural and the urban landscape, with concepts arising as part of a spontaneous response to the environment.

In 2012, Zacharevic received worldwide recognition after creating a series of six street art murals for the George Town Culture festival in Penang, Malaysia, with the BBC calling him Malaysia’s answer to Banksy, depicting scenes of everyday Malaysian life using local people as models. The two most popular are Children on Bicycle and Boy on Motorcycle; a combination of installation and painting allows the outside community to interact with the works. These murals now stand as

cultural landmarks in Georgetown, complete with plaques and constant cues of people waiting to have their photographs taken with the works.

Zacharevic held his first solo show in Penang in 2012 at the Hin Bus Depot, a center for arts and culture located in Georgetown Art is Rubbish Rubbish is Art. A collection of 30 plus works painted on reclaimed and found materials. In 2013 Zacharevic received viral attention for his on-street work with the controversial lego mural in Johor Bahru, home to Malaysian “Legoland”. Using the lego figures, Zacharevic comments on the violent state of JB, positioning them on a street corner, as a woman carrying a Chanel bag approaches, a masked villain waits around the corner for her. The piece was buffed over quickly, but not before the image went viral, with thousands of people showing their support for the mural and the serious statement it was making.

Zacharevic also painted a series of murals in Singapore, one of the most restrictive countries in the world in terms of Street art. He created Children in Shopping Trolleys and one of his most iconic concepts Style Wars. The piece sees two duelling children about to engage in combat with mops and brooms upon crayon illustrated horses.

Recent projects include Scope New York which saw works ascended in the Dean Collection, a private collection of works owned and maintained by Swizz Beats and recently completed a live painting commission at the Ritz Carlton Singapore; a Mondrian inspired piece composed of a series of framed canvases all hung together. Children climb through and around the iconic lines with their spray paint and oil painted forms. The original inspiration for this piece came a year before when he painted a mural of this concept for Living Walls in Atlanta.

Zacharevic is working on a collaborative project with New York photographer Martha Cooper, reimagining some of her most iconic photographs from the past three decades on walls across the city from Bushwick, Brooklyn to Manhattan’s upper west side. The project is called REPLAY, #ReplayNYC.

In May 2016, Zacharevic went to Christmas Island, an Australian Territory in the Indian Ocean at the invitation of Christmas Island Phosphates and the local Shire government for a scoping trip to beautify the island landscape. He left behind his first ever Australian art installation with ‘Forklift Boy,’ near a local tavern. An abandoned forklift adjacent to a shipping container provided the canvas for the piece. It is similar in aesthetic to his Boy and Girl on a Bike and Boy on a Motorbike art installations in Georgetown, Penang

The following mural is notyet completed

TWOONE/Hiroyasu Tsuri (Japan)

Extremely talented street artist and painter Hiroyasu Tsuri, aka TWOONE, was born in Yokohama in 1985. He developed an interest in drawing and crafting at an early age through skateboard graphics and graffiti. In 2004 he moved to Melbourne, Australia where he joined underground

street art scene, quickly gaining prominence as one of Australia’s finest street artists. As language was at first an obstacle his art became his primary mean of expression.

After graduating from Visual Arts New Media at Swinburne University, Melbourne in 2006, TWOONE started exhibiting his paintings in galleries across the world, but mural painting remained a big part of his prolific output, and he continues leaving captivating public artworks in every city he visits.

He is widely known for his magnetizing depictions of hybrid, animal headed and human bodied creatures. Hiroyasu has been shown in numerous group exhibitions and commissioned many mural paintings. In 2008 his show “One Thousand Can Show” with one thousand different hand painted spray cans gained much acclamation. Live performances and sound installations have also become part of his work.